Mike McCarthy Reveal his Concerns About Ezekiel Elliott Injury

Ezekiel Elliot was present on the field on Thursday for the Dallas Cowboys, but it was clear that he wasn’t there.

Elliott has been suffering from a knee injury for the past several weeks. Although Elliott hasn’t been out of action, he doesn’t seem nearly as explosive as he did this time last season.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy spoke with reporters on Friday about Elliott’s condition. Surprisingly, McCarthy admitted that he is concerned about Elliott’s health.

McCarthy stated, “I am concerned because He’s a fighter.” He was trying to get back in there on Thursday. Zeke is an extremely fast runner.

The Cowboys may change Elliott’s offensive role to prevent this injury from getting worse.

Ian Rapoport, an insider at the NFL Network, suggested Friday that Tony Pollard could be given 25 touches per game in the future to help Elliott with his sore knee.

Pollard ended Thursday’s game with 10 runs for 36 yards. He also caught four passes for 32 yards.

The Cowboys will not get an extended rest before their next game. They’ll be playing on the road against Saints next Thursday.

Next Thursday, we might learn what Elliott’s new job will look like.

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