Cowboys CB Anthony Brown Sends Message Cowboys fans after getting 4 DPI penalties vs. Raiders

The Dallas Cowboys matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders went into overtime, and was finally decided by a penalty.

With six minutes remaining in the extra period, and the Raiders facing a third-and-long, the Cowboys cornerback received a whistle for defensive pass interference. This was his fourth foul of the game. This put Las Vegas in field goal territory, and almost gave them the win. Brown spoke out about his mistakes after the contest.

After Dallas’ loss, Brown stated that

“It’s frustrating, but at the same time, we’ve got to deal with it,” Brown said after Dallas’ defeat. “We’ve got to try to fight through it. The other team is dealing with it, too. They’re getting calls, too. So, we can’t complain about that. We’ve just got to keep fighting.”

Brown, despite being made the victim of such a devastating defeat, was open to all questions. Brown was not afraid to ask questions and knows that these kinds of games are common.

“It’s just one of them days,” the Cowboys CB continued said. “I’ve just got to watch the film, see what we can improve and get better. I feel like I was in position for all of them. I’ll just try to turn my head. . . . Just got to get better. Just trying to get better.”

The Cowboys lost their two previous contests. Despite losing their last two contests, the Cowboys are still a Super Bowl threat. They will end their losing streak with two games against the New Orleans Saints to clean their slate.

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