Mike McCarthy Has Troubling Comment On Hit To Andy Dalton

It wasn’t clean. That’s why Jon Bostic was ejected.


Bostic, the 29-year old linebacker for WFT, threw himself in Dalton as the quarterback slid before reaching the first down marker. When watching the hit on replay, it was clearly illegal. Dalton gave himself up with a slide after scrambling when the pocket collapsed. Yet, Bostic still chose to throw himself into Dalton’s head.


Some writers believe that Bostic’s hit was dirty, including Marcus Mosher who tweeted, “Suspend Jon Bostic forever. What a garbage hit.”


When talking to reporters after the game, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was not just upset about the hit, but also how his team didn’t protect Dalton in the process according to Jon Machota of The Athletic.


“Mike McCarthy on no Cowboys players getting in Jon Bostic’s face after his dirty hit on Andy Dalton: “We speak all the time about playing for one another, protecting one another. It definitely was not the response you would expect.”


There were not a lot of comments from Cowboys players, but that could be an accumulation of things. The team has a banged up offensive line which has led to opposing defenses to get to the quarterback quicker. There’s likely some pure dejection after falling to 2-5 on the season.


The Cowboys are starting to look less like a team each week. Former Dallas Cowboys player Marcus Spears believes the Cowboys are done.


While trailing by as much as 22-3 to the Washington Football Team, which eventually turned to a 25-3 loss to drop to 2-5 on the season, Spears tweeted “they’ve quit.” It was short, sweet, and it could honestly be right on point.


This is not the first time that we are hearing chatter about this. Last week, the Cowboys were blown out 38-10 on Monday Night Football to the Arizona Cardinals.


After the game, NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that many players on the roster are slamming the coaching staff. “Totally unprepared,” an anonymous player on the Cowboys told Slater. “They don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly.”


Slater also reported that players are slamming the coaching staff, stating “the coaches are not good at their jobs.”


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