Mike McCarthy Comments on The Current Cowboys’ Roster Situation

The past 24 hours have been very rough for the Dallas Cowboys. All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith and Micah Parsons, a rookie linebacker, have been positive for COVID-19.

It almost seems certain that Dallas will be without a starter Saturday against the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s not clear how the Cowboys’ roster is going to look in the first round.

Moments earlier, Mike McCarthy, Cowboys’ head coach, addressed his team about their outlook for the playoffs.

McCarthy stated, “I am watching the trends of all these, especially the latest (COVID-19), trends, and I am confident that if anyone (test positive) today or tomorrow, they’ll be available to play for the postseason game.”

This would be good news to the Cowboys. However, it would mean that they would need to control their COVID-19 epidemic in the next few days.

The Cowboys could lose this Saturday’s Week 18 match against the Eagles. They can’t afford to lose the first round of the playoffs.

The talent of this year’s team has been proven many times that it can make a Super Bowl run. It would be a real disappointment if McCarthy’s team is immediately thrown out of the playoffs.

Cowboys fans will be interested in monitoring the COVID-19 status of the team for at least the next few hours.

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