Dallas Cowboys OC Kellen Moore Reportedly Interviewing For NFL Head Coaching Job Today

Kellen Moore rose quickly through the NFL coaching ranks in just four years of being a top offensive assistant with the Dallas Cowboys. And that could see him get a top job this year

According to Eugene Frenette (Jacksonville Jaguars insider), Moore is currently interviewing with Jaguars. Moore will not be interviewing with the Jaguars by himself, as Buccaneers offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich is also in the process of interviewing.

After initially being the Cowboys’ quarterbacks coach in 2018, Kellen Moore is now the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. Moore spent the last three years of his NFL career in Dallas, where he was hired by Jason Garrett, a former head coach.

Moore was not forced to leave with Garrett in 2019, after his firing. Moore was retained by the staff and his job as a coach under Mike McCarthy.

Moore’s leadership, the Cowboys have had an outstanding passing offense in all three of his seasons. The Cowboys offense was ranked in the top two during two of his three seasons.

Kellen Moore, 33 years old would make him the youngest NFL head coach if he is going to be hired this year. He is one year younger than Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Moore would be the exact opposite of Urban Meyer, the coach the Jaguars fired. Meyer was a long-time college veteran, but Moore has only a fraction of Meyer’s NFL coaching experience.

Moore is also a QB expert, which is what the Jaguars are in dire need of right now.

Moore and the Jaguars would make a great match, that’s for certain.

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