Mike McCarthy announces multi-week injury to key defensive starter

Mike McCarthy was the bearer bad news today when he announced that star defensive end Randy Gregory would be missing some time.

McCarthy says that Gregory hurt his calf yesterday during practice. Gregory could be placed on the injured reserve because the injury may continue for several weeks.

Gregory’s injury means that rookie Micah Parsons, who is a star player in the linebacker position, will likely see more playing time. Parsons’ prolific play, while filling in for Gregory, was a big hit earlier this season.

He’s been showing off in a contract year for Gregory. He’s been a force in 2021 so far, with five sacks in five games. He’s also forced two fumbles this season, in addition to his five sacks.

Gregory is likely to have done enough to show that he’s worth a commitment in the long-term, regardless of whether Dallas or another team offers him one. It’s disappointing to see Gregory, a former Nebraska star, miss even more time due to another injury.

McCarthy and the Cowboys won’t be without Gregory. They will try to get back on track against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend. The Denver Broncos defeated Dallas, despite looking like one the top teams in the league — which was a sad reality check.

Matt Ryan has been playing great football for the Falcons in recent weeks. The Cowboys will still be looking to regain the magic that made them one the NFC’s best teams before last week.


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