Michael Irvin Sees one Issue With Dak Prescott Right Now

Through the first two months, Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys quarterback was a worthy MVP candidate. However, the past few weeks have not been kind to him.

Prescott has thrown five interceptions in the last four games. In the eight first games, Prescott had only five interceptions.

This Monday’s First Look edition featured Cowboys legend Michael Irvin revealing what Prescott’s main problem is right now.

“Beginning of the year, the command of this offense he had was crazy,” Irvin said. “It was like when I watched him in that first game, this was all he did while he rehabbed was grab film and eat tape. That’s all he must’ve done because he has such great command. I don’t see that same great command right now.”

Irving also expressed concerns about Prescott’s command of the Cowboys’ offense and mentioned that some key players are currently hurt.

“But I want to note this — since Dak came back from that injury, Dak has had injuries in the two most critical places where we’re going to measure his play upon. He’s had injuries in the offensive and at wide receiver, so the guys that are protecting him from taking the hits and the guys who are catching the passes that he’s throwing. So, of course that’s going to affect his play. I accept that. I accept what I see also on tape — the lack of command that I saw early on in the season.”

Injuries to Tony Pollard, Tyron Smith and Ezekiel Elliott have been dealt with by the Cowboys in recent weeks. All of them are key contributors to Cowboys’ offense.

Prescott was granted a huge contract extension, as he is expected to improve the Cowboys offense regardless of whether he plays in the starting or the reserve positions.

Prescott must be more than a good player if the Cowboys are to make it to the Super Bowl.

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