Michael Irvin Criticizes Dak Prescott’s Decision Today

Dak Prescott leads the Dallas Cowboys in a complete rout against the Atlanta Falcons. One play Dak made left Cowboys legend Michael Irvin fuming.

Irvin took to Twitter to reprimand Dak for his rush touchdown that brought the score to 43-3. Dak didn’t have to risk his life to score the touchdown, he said.

“We don’t need that TD so bad bro!” @dak, don’t do it again !!!! We need you to be healthy! Irvin tweeted.

Dak was not able to make the best play. Dak ran into several Falcons defenders, and had to push forward to cross the goal line.

Even if they hadn’t scored that touchdown, the Cowboys would still have been ahead by more than 30 points in the fourth quarter.

The Dallas Cowboys managed to win one game without Dak Prescott this year. However, it’s clear that Dak Prescott’s health is a major factor in the Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes.

Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender when Dak plays. They’re a wildcard if he doesn’t.

It’s possible that we will find out this week that Dak received a stern lecture from either Cowboys owner Jerry Jones or Mike McCarthy. He’ll at the very least get one from Irvin this week on ESPN’s First Take.

Do you think Dak Prescott should have listened to Michael Irvin?

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