Dak Prescott Had An Unfortunate Celebration Accident

Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys rebounded from last week’s defeat to the Denver Broncos by putting on a dominant performance Sunday afternoon. In a 43-3 win over the Atlanta Falcons, the starting quarterback was responsible for three touchdowns. The offense also looked fantastic.

Prescott showed great skill in the Cowboys’ seventh win of the year. But he wasn’t completely unharmed. A decent-sized welt appeared on Prescott’s right cheek during his postgame press conference.

Prescott said that Prescott’s dingy face was not due to a play on the field. It was actually a sideline injury that Prescott received from a fellow teammate.

The Cowboys’ quarterback, Prescott, shared that CeeDee Lamb was his favorite receiver target. Prescott said that he accidentally applied a facemask on the cheek to CeeDee Lamb as a celebration after the game was over.

“I give him a hug, and tell him how great he is. I guess he thinks I have my helmet on so that he leans in for helmet tapping, facemask to his cheek,” Prescott told reporters . “I’m alright. “I told you that I was tough.”

Prescott did well after the game, and only a small mark was left on his face. Prescott will be ready to return to action in Dallas next week, when he plays in Kansas City.

Because of his outstanding on-field performances, it was not surprising that the star quarterback was in good spirits after Sunday’s game. Prescott completed 24 out of 31 passes for 296 yards, and threw two touchdowns during the win. Prescott also added a running touchdown to help the Cowboys rush attack rack up 114 yards and score three times.

Prescott could probably take a minor blow to the face after all that. Lamb may still need to make up for the injury in practice this week before the Cowboys face the Chiefs next Sunday.

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