Look: Old Video Of John Madden Roasting Cowboys Star Going Viral

Fans from all walks of football are recalling some of the most memorable moments Madden had in the booth after the sudden death of NFL legend John Madden.

Madden, who was a game reporter for over three decades, was frequently assigned to major-time games for the Dallas Cowboys. He was adamant about Troy Aikman’s exceptional talent on the field and once roasted his ability to grow facial hair.

“Troy Aikman is trying to grow a beard, and he just can’t do it,” Madden said on the call. “… I’m looking as close as I can and I can’t see any beard. That’s a four-day beard!”

“It’s a passive attempt,” his longtime booth partner Pat Summerall said.

Madden responded, “It’s very passive!”

Madden even used his famous Telestrator to highlight Aikman’s weaknesses in the facial hair department.

These jabs were clearly all in good humor. Madden and Aikman, two football giants, became good friends.

Yesterday, Madden, a former Dallas QB, posted a message on Twitter following the breaking news.

John Madden was a treasure. He was an amazing gift. He was an amazing friend. John, RIP,” Aikman wrote.

This video was only one of many that won the hearts of football fans all over the world.

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