Kellen Moore responds to rumors of head coaching interest

As the NFL prepares for the postseason, some teams may start to think about who their next coach will be. It would not surprise that one or more of the Dallas Cowboys’ coordinators will be promoted to another team in the offseason, given their reputation as one of the most successful teams in the NFL.

Kellen Moore, the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator, has been the focus of much media attention in recent seasons. The Cowboys OC spoke out Monday about his interest in being a head coach.

“Obviously if the opportunity shows up that would be awesome. But we got to take care of this thing first. We got to make sure we’re still rolling. This is obviously focus No. 1. We got a great opportunity ahead of us,” said Moore.

Moore, who was promoted from quarterbacks coach to the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator in 2019, has been with the Cowboys since 2019. He held that position for only the 2018 season. Moore, who was promoted from quarterbacks coach to the Cowboys offensive coordinator in 2019, has worked hard to make the Cowboys an elite unit in the NFL. Moore will be able to lead the Dallas offense to two top-10 ranking in his three seasons. Moore’s offense was without Dak Prescott, their star quarterback in 2020.

“I wasn’t coming here to look what my next job would be,” stated Quinn about the idea of becoming a head coach again. “I wanted to come in here, have a blast and hopefully kick ass. If [head coaching opportunities] come, I’ll be ready for them. But I’m having a blast being right here with this crew and going for it.”

To replace Mike Nolan, Mike McCarthy is the Dallas head coach. Dan Quinn was hired as their defensive coordinator. Quinn’s leadership has made a huge difference in Dallas’ defense. Quinn made full use of every resource he had throughout the year.

Quinn was the Falcons’ head coach for five seasons, before he was fired in his sixth season. Quinn left the Falcons after a record of 43-42 and a record of 3-2 in playoffs. His time in Atlanta was highlighted by a Super Bowl appearance where the Falcons were only a quarter away winning it all. After trailing 28-3 in the third quarter, Tom Brady and his New England Patriots made one of the greatest comebacks NFL history.

Quinn’s efforts are well-received by Dallas fans heading into January. Quinn will be the next coach to fill the voids created by the NFL regular season.

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