Look: Jimmy Johnson Has Incredible Reaction To Learning He’ll Be In Cowboys Ring Of Honor

Their run with the Dallas Cowboys was extremely successful. However, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson, their former head coach, had a terrible divorce.

Jones has made it clear that he would not allow Johnson to join the Cowboys Ring of Honor since their bitter split. He recently admitted that Johnson was to blame for his recent admission.

Jones, Cowboys’ training camp returnee late last month, admitted to Johnson that he had “f-d it up”, in relation to their relationship. Jones claimed that he did not have any good reasons to do so.

The two men seem to have made peace with their differences. Jerry Jones made an announcement in the lead-up the Hall of Fame Game between Pittsburgh Steelers and Cowboys.

Jimmy Johnson has been officially invited to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Take a look at this amazing moment.

Johnson was stunned to discover he was finally being inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. He’s been waiting for it for decades.

Johnson was still able deliver an amazing one-liner. Johnson was shocked to learn that he would be joining the Ring of Honor. He asked Johnson, “while i’m still alive?”

Johnson and Jones were able to enjoy this moment of freedom, despite decades of beef.

Jimmy Johnson deserves congratulations for his new honor!

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