Video Of Cowboys Fans Waiting For Practice Goes Viral

It’s no secret that Dallas Cowboys fans are extremely passionate about their team. A viral video shows how excited fans are to see their favorite team.

On Saturday, Todd Archer, an ESPN Cowboys insider posted a video showing the roads leading to the camp site. It is quite a sight.

Over a hundred cars are seen in traffic jamming bumper to bumper while they try to get into the car. The video lasts 31 seconds. Although we don’t know where the line ends, it is likely that there are more than 100 cars parked in traffic.

Cowboys have one of the most loyal fanbases anywhere in the world. They have the greatest fan base of any NFL team.

However, that doesn’t explain why so many fans will endure hours of traffic jams just to see the team.

The Dallas Cowboys had to cancel their training camp last year due to the pandemic. Only after lobbying the NFL, the Cowboys were allowed to have some fans attend regular season games.

Cowboys fans have been able to enjoy many of these restrictions since then.

Cowboys fans can enjoy the Cowboys games on a weekly basis, as they will be playing at full capacity.

These tickets will sell out quickly, judging from the number of people at training camp.

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