Look: Cowboys Program Makes Embarrassing Mistake

It’s safe to say that whatever group the Dallas Cowboys placed in charge of creating the programs was a bit careless before today’s game against Detroit Lions.

The program was filled with two major errors that puzzled fans who looked at it. The first was that Dan Campbell, the Detroit Lions’ head coach, was being called the “first-year Lions coach”. Campbell is currently in his second season as the Lions head coach.

The second mistake was to use the wrong photo to depict Campbell. Rather than a recent photo of the Lions head coach, it instead depicts Lions defensive line coach Todd Wash.

Although Wash has a slight resemblance in facial hair to Campbell, but that’s about where the similarities end

“This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Cowboys fans, nor their employees know football,” one user replied.

“If we pull out the W I think Dan should send Todd Wash out for the head coach press conference,” another Lions fan suggested.

“Embarrassing for the writer, her editor, the game mag, and yes, the Lions. #norespect” wrote a third.

After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands New England Patriots in Week 5, the Detroit Lions are now on the mend.

The game will be broadcast on CBS.

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