Look: Cowboys Fans Furious With Missed Penalty On Sunday

Although the Dallas Cowboys led the Chicago Bears by 28-17 in the third quarter of the game, that doesn’t mean they have nothing to complain about after the first half.

Dallas diehards were angry that officials seemed to overlook a blatant penalty against Bears right-hand tackle Riley Reiff. Reiff took down Cowboys pass rusher Dante Fowler.


“Holding appears to no longer be a penalty against the Cowboys,” said Joey Hayden of the Dallas News. “This one wasn’t even against Micah Parsons.”


“I try to refrain from criticizing the referees. I believe they get it right most of the time and/or balancing out. With that said, good grief, this was egregious,” one fan said in response.

“Came to Twitter to make sure I wasn’t the only one who saw that, Fields gets sacked for 6 yards without that hold and this drive is done,” added another.

Bears fans don’t want to hear it. They claim that Teven Jenkins, an offensive lineman, was killed by the refs.

“Refs aren’t calling anything today. They ripped off Jenkins helmet at the line lol,” one said.

FOX will broadcast the second half Cowboys-Bears.

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