Jerry Jones Announces Decision On Ezekiel Elliott After Sunday’s Win

In their 49-29 victory over the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys offense looked just like it did last season. This was largely due to Tony Pollard’s huge day. Will Pollard’s rise be followed by Elliott’s fall?

Pollard was named the starting quarterback in place of Ezekiel Elliott who was injured and inactive. He responded with 131 yards rushing and three touchdowns, while running an average of over nine yards per play.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, was asked after the game if today’s result would have any impact on who the Cowboys’ primary running back will be moving forward. Jones clarified that there is no change in Jones’s mind.


“We’re going to go as Zeke goes,” Jones said.

Dallas Cowboys fans don’t care about who is getting the rock, as long as it’s consistently getting there. However, Pollard’s rise in Dallas is making it interesting.

Pollard’s touches have been more efficient than Elliott throughout the season. He averaged several yards more per touch and was more dangerous out of the backfield.

Ezekiel Elliott will be with the Dallas Cowboys until his contract expires. Tony Pollard’s future looks a lot less certain.

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