Josh Allen Makes His Opinion On Patrick Mahomes Very Clear

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, are now the future.

In recent years, the two have formed a fierce rivalry on the field. Allen and the Bills were defeated in the playoffs by Mahomes (the Chiefs).

The young stars have forged a strong friendship off the field.

Allen spoke out about Mahomes’ character during a recent interview on “The Steam Room Podcast” with Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson.

Mahomes FaceTimed the Buffalo QB to ask him if he would like to meet up at the F1 race, Miami.

“And you know, sure enough, we go up and we hung out for an hour and a half, two hours, just kind of hanging around, talking, having a good time,” Allen said, per USA Today. “I’ve spent a couple of times around Patrick, but every time I’m around him, he’s just a great dude. He’s a great personality. He’s fun to be around. And obviously, all the respect that I have from on the field, I think it’s a different vibe than what people think.”

This past season, Allen and Mahomes fought it out in a thrilling 42-36 overtime matchup during the AFC Divisional round. It appears that either one of these QBs will have to face the other if they want to win a Super Bowl over the next few years.

Allen said, “Again, we were supposed be competitors when we stepped on that field.” Allen said, “It’s the old saying, ‘You have to hate your enemy.’ We have a great relationship, especially with the type of games we play. [The] AFC championship was two years ago and the divisional last.

“But he is — he’s awesome. He really is. Love being around him. And I’m super excited for this opportunity with him. Because I think the other side, they’re gonna riff a little more than, than me and Pat, I think we’re gonna feed off each other pretty well.”

Allen and Mahomes will be competing against Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers in The Match, a TNT-sponsored golf event, which takes place on June 1.

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