Andy Reid Reveals The Greatest Thing To Happen To Patrick Mahomes

Andy Reid says Alex Smith is Patrick Mahomes’ “greatest” thing.

Mahomes was mentored by Smith during the first part of his NFL career. His advice was clearly well received by Mahomes from the  veteran quarterback.

Since Smith left his job, Mahomes has enjoyed great success as the starter.

Mahomes’ early days with 1smith as his mentor was crucial for his growth.

“I told Alex, ‘Man go out and have the greatest year you’ve ever had and to you don’t have to teach Pat. We’re here to do that as coaches. You’re out there to go produce and win games and do the best you possibly can for your team.’ And so that’s the way we approached it with him,” Reid told Colin Cowherd, via the Kansas City Star. “Now Alex by nature, though, was the greatest thing that ever happened to Patrick Mahomes. There are different ways to do this thing, whether you play the player right now or some behind a veteran player. Alex was perfect for that. Alex did let Patrick into his world without being forced on it or anything and he let Patrick in it. Patrick handled it the right way and didn’t step in the way of Alex and what he needed to produce and had respect for him. So it worked out perfect. I didn’t have to say a whole lot other than, ‘You go play and go win games, let’s go win a championship. and do the best you possibly can do at the quarterback position.’”

It’s a great honor to have Alex Smith as a mentor. His career was extraordinary.

Mahomes has led the Chiefs’ to unparalleled success since then.


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