Jerry Jones Was Asked If He Regrets Dak Prescott’s Contract

Last offseason, Dak Preston signed a four year, $160 million extension to his contract with $126 million guaranteed salary.

Thirteen months later Jerry Jones still has no buyer’s regrets.

The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jori Epstein , said that he was happy to have the 28 year-old quarterback for 2022.

Jones stated, “When I look back at what has occurred since (Dak’s) contract, and the reps, the evolution of Dak, what we’re doing in here is to look for players that complement what he does best,” Jones added. “That’s the person I think we are complementing, whether they’re blocking them or trying to get him a field position. We are glad that we got him.

Prescott’s deal is actually less substantial in hindsight. Since Prescott signed his contract, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford have all received more guaranteed cash. Jones was relieved by Watson’s record-breaking $230million, which allowed the Cowboys to retain their star quarterback.

Jones said that Prescott’s contract was a proud one. “Deshaun’s contract is a huge one. It just takes one or two teams for a player to be coveted and they get the numbers up there.

Prescott, who was newly paid, threw for 4,449 yards and had a career-high 37 passing touchdowns. He will be the NFC East champions in 2021. The Cowboys restructuring his contract last month freed up close to $15 million in cap space, just before free agency.

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