Dak Prescott Send a Message To Cowboys Player Kelvin Joseph

Kelvin Joseph, Cowboys cornerback, has been taking part in Dallas’ offseason programs. But his future in Dallas is in doubt.

It has nothing to do with football.

Joseph spoke out about his role as a passenger in the drive-by shooting that resulted in the death of a man. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger, he still could face a penalty under Texas state law.

Dak Prescott , Quarterback of the Cowboys, was asked about his Cowboys teammate. He told reporters that he will continue to be a brother to Joseph and a teammate while things get sorted out.

Prescott stated, via the Fort Worth Star Telegram. He’s been there. In a situation like this, no one can imagine being in his shoes and know what to do. Let the people who get paid to do this, take care of those things. The best we can do is to be a brother and a teammate.

Stephen Jones, Cowboys EVP, stated that they will wait until “all the information” is available before making a decision about the future of the DB.

Even if he’s not charged with a crime it is possible that the Cowboys’ second-round draft could still be punished by the NFL for unsporting conduct.

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