Jerry Jones tells radio host to shut up Because he was Not Happy With 1 Question

Frustration is brewing in Dallas. In fact, it reached a tipping point for the Cowboys owner.


Jerry Jones took to his weekly radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan. Remind you, the Cowboys are coming off a Sunday loss to the Washington Football Team to drop to 2-5, while Andy Dalton suffered a concussion.


Members around the league’s media did not like the response from the team when Dalton was knocked out of the game. Those same doubters believe there is no leader in the locker room, while there are some glaring chemistry issues moving forward.


As a member of the media, one has to ask these tough questions. Jones was asked multiple times if the Cowboys have “a leadership void in their locker room.” Jones did not like being asked and answered back in a sharp way.


“Well, shut up and let me answer,” Jones said. “No. You’re not asking me that. I gave you the answer. When I go into the locker room, there’s no leadership void in my eyes. Now, that’s your answer. Let’s move on.”

This comes on the heels from last week when NFL insider Jane Slater tweeted that a player anonymously shared that the coaching staff “does not know how to do their jobs.” The shot at the team’s coaching staff, as well as the lack of concern for Dalton, show that there is turmoil brewing in Dallas.


It proves that quarterback Dak Prescott was a true leader. With his absence, it shows that Dalton is not respected by his teammates.


Until the team starts winning again, the Cowboys are going to have to field questions about a leadership void. The Cowboys will try to complete that task on Sunday in a pivotal NFC East matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles. With a win, the Cowboys could retake the division lead. A loss could really send Jones into flames next Tuesday.

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