Jerry Jones Sends Clear Message Amid Sean Payton Rumors

Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints’ previous Head Coach who stepped down earlier in the offseason. This immediately led to rumors about the Dallas Cowboys.

These rumors resulted from the friendship between Jerry Jones, longtime Cowboys owner, and Payton.

Jones stated Friday that these rumors must be put to bed immediately.

“Sean Payton shouldn’t be out there,” Jones said, per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “For him, the Cowboys, that’s just sheer out of the air. It’s well known we’re good friends and we think a lot of him as a head coach. But in this case, asking the way you’re asking, he shouldn’t be a conversation piece.”

Jones and the Cowboys will continue to support Mike McCarthy, their head coach — at least until 2022. The team owner may be forced to change leadership if the Dallas organization fails again to meet its expectations this season.

According to reports, Payton will join Fox Sports’ broadcast team in 2022.

Sean Payton is a familiar figure to the Dallas Cowboys since his departure as the New Orleans Saints’ head coach. From 2003 to 2005, he was with the franchise.

“Mike has got an opportunity here to win a Super Bowl. And he’s got an opportunity to win other Super Bowls. That’s really the measurement of it. Not just for me, but it’s an eternity between right now and this time next year in our game, and Im not trying to be dramatic. That’s what I should dwell on.”

Many fans think this is the best support Mike McCarthy has ever received.

McCarthy’s second season was a success with the Cowboys, going 12-5. They were thrown out of the playoffs by Wild Card Weekend.

We will see if McCarthy’s third season can bring more success for the Cowboys in the postseason.

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