Jerry Jones Makes His Opinion On NFL Referees Very Clear

DeMarcus Lawrence called out NFL officiating after the Dallas Cowboys_’ defeat to the Arizona Cardinals.

“We had a few mental errors. I don’t know about the offense, but I know for the defense, even myself, we had a few mental errors. Playing against the refs again, like usual. It seems like an every week occurrence. We just have to tune that out and just deal with it,” Gregory told the media.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke out about the current state in NFL officiating.

Jones does not believe that making referees permanent will solve the league’s officiating problems. Jones actually believes that the NFL’s current referees have an outstanding record.

“Well, you just don’t have enough support to have the conclusion that full-time would remedy the issues that we’re complaining about,” Jones said. “There’s nothing that says a full-time official will do better than a part-time official. The quality of the people that you get with part-time officials are outstanding. They are outstanding. These are some of the most accomplished people in professions, or if you will, in the country there are.

“So I’ve never been convinced, me personally, that a part-time official that’s spending some of his time engineering wouldn’t be better than a full-time official. We’re talking about 17 games, the playoffs, nothing has convinced me that there would be that kind of an advantage. Matter of fact, you might have less quality.”

These comments might not win Jones many fans. Jones is making sure that the Cowboys do not have any targets heading into the playoffs.

The Cowboys currently rank No. The Cowboys are currently the No. 4 seed in NFC.

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