Jerry Jones Has Honest Reaction To Mike McCarthy’s Guarantee

The Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Mike McCarthy made news earlier this week when he gave a guarantee regarding the team’s game against Washington Football Team.

McCarthy stated to reporters that “we’re going win this game.” McCarthy stated that he was confident in his prediction. McCarthy said that he fully expected to win every single game he’s ever played in.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, also spoke out on Friday about the guarantee. Jones stated,  “That should be his attitude.”

Jones stated via the Dallas Morning News, “I don’t get too hung up about the guarantee.” That should be his attitude.

“He expects to win. He thinks we will win. I expect that. I would be shocked if he couldn’t make that kind of statement. Anybody with common sense knows that you can’t tell whether or not you’re going to or not. Only God knows that. Having said that — I’ll tell you what, he’s raring and ready. He’s been penned up and that’s reflected in his demeanor as well as how he articulated his feelings.”

The Cowboys could take control of the NFC East with a win against Washington.

Washington would be one game behind Dallas if it loses, however.

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