Dallas Cowboys Defensive Back Reveals Bizarre Superstition

Jayron Kearse is on a tear for the Dallas Cowboys team since Week 11. His new diet may be the key to his success.

At this week’s press conference Kearse said that he has been eating Fruit Rollups every day since the Cowboys beat the Chiefs. He’s probably a little superstitious.

Kearse said Wednesday that he eats a Fruit Roll-Up every day. It has worked well since I started eating it the Chiefs’ week. Fruit Roll-Up every day.”

Kearse’s choice of flavor each day is changing every day because he receives Fruit Roll-Ups variety packs.

It’s a mystery box. It’s a mystery box. I will keep it going until it stops working for me.”

Although this is an odd pre-game belief, Kearse has been a great player over the last few weeks. Kearse now has 25 tackles and three passes defended, as well as two interceptions since he started the Fruit Rolls-Ups diet.

Kearse will be able to continue his hot streak when the Cowboys face the Washington Football Team on Sunday in a crucial NFC East matchup.

The Dallas-Washington match kicks off at 1 p.m. ET at FedExField.

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