Jerry Jones Explain Why He Didn’t Draft Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

This week, the Dallas Cowboys acquired Trey Lance. Jerry Jones said that he would select another quarterback of note in 2020 when discussing the trade.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the Cowboys’ owner stated that they would have selected a quarterback with Lance’s quality if one was available. The fourth-round selection they sent San Francisco came from the Cowboys. Jones said they could have drafted Jalen hurts three years ago if he had lasted that long.

Jones stated, “It’s our plan to get someone with the quality we want to be at the right place when our pick is made, but that rarely happens.” “This one was successful, so we are excited.”

Jones’ claim seems a bit disingenuous based on the way in which the draft was conducted.

Trevon Diggs was the Cowboys’ first-round pick. 51. It was probably too early to select a backup quarterback.

The Philadelphia Eagles, however, snagged Hurts after two more picks. He would have had to be available until the No. 82.

It’s good that the Eagles did not wait for another round. Hurts was runner-up to Patrick Mahomes for MVP last season and led Philadelphia to the Super Bowl. Hurts, 25, signed a 255-million-dollar extension in the offseason.

Hurts was a clear choice for the Cowboys, but Prescott’s season-ending ankle injury could have given him an early opportunity in 2020. Dallas’ selection of Hurts was never a high probability. It would have been an interesting butterfly-effect that could have changed the NFL landscape.

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