Jerry Jones addresses Dak Prescott contract following playoff loss

On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs by a heartbreaking loss.

Jerry Jones was asked about the contract of his franchise quarterback following the San Francisco 49ers loss. Prescott signed a four-year contract worth $160million, with $126,000,000 guaranteed.

“The hump is advancing in the playoffs. There’s been some good quarterbacks that haven’t advanced in the playoffs. I’m just sick we’re one of them. Really sick. I’m surprised & sick,” the Dallas Cowboys owner said according to Michael Gehlken.

It was a mixed bag for Dak Prescott on paper. He was 23-of-43 on the day for 254 yards and a touchdown.

Dak Prescott was a believer in the grandeur of 2021. Dallas had greater dreams than the Cowboys’ win in the NFC East. Instead of ending their Super Bowl drought, the Cowboys will be watching the remainder of the playoffs from home.

Prescott felt dejected as he stood at the podium after the game. Prescott was overcome with disappointment and gave a summary of the Cowboys’ 2021 season.

“We definitely underachieved, and it sucks,” stated Dak Prescott. “Point blank.”

Many will agree with Prescott. The Cowboys faithful believes that their favorite team has underperformed, and Jerry Jones must be wondering if he could have gotten more bang for his bucks. The team now has to start the long and winding road back to the Super Bowl.

Although the 2021 season was a successful one for Dallas, it will be remembered for its demoralizing end. It’s another chapter of heartbreak for Prescott and the Cowboys.

Prescott was also close to pulling off an historic comeback versus the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys’ poor clock management led them being eliminated from the Playoffs in round one.

Dallas battled all the way to a 23-16 deficit and the Cowboys were awarded the ball on their 20 yard line for their final drive. McCarthy called for a Prescott pass to CeeDee Lamb  for a nine yard gain. Dak Prescott  was then able to pass the ball 10-yards to Pollard, and Dalton Schultz gained nine yards.

The inexplicable: Dak Prescott on second-and-1 took a quarterback draw up the middle of the 49ers’ 24-yardline. This 17-yard gain would theoretically bring the Cowboys within reasonable touchdown range. The offense couldn’t get ready for the spike in time to stop clock and the Cowboys lost their final chance of winning.

Prescott stated, after the game. This explained the bizarre situation surrounding the spike.

“You hand it to the center. The umpire, all he has to do is usually come in and tap the ball. Don’t necessarily know exactly … why the hit (with the official) happened, I guess. Yeah, I know he’s going to come in and touch the ball. We could say, yeah he needs to be closer to the ball or whatever, but in hindsight, it’s just tough. Just tough to accept.”

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