Jason Witten weighs in on Cowboys chances of Super Bowl run

Jason Witten has been one of the most skilled tight ends ever. Witten spent 16 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, before moving to the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. Witten feels that the Cowboys are in a great place to make a run, with the Cowboys now in the playoffs.

“I think it is a pretty resilient bunch,” Witten stated about the Cowboys’ chances of a Super Bowl run. Per Jon Machota, The Athletic. “I believe they can be really great. The road game against the Patriots proved that this Cowboys team was real. I think they’re going to start playing their best football in the most crucial time.

Witten’s Cowboys career was memorable. Witten played in 15 games in his rookie season in 2003. He never missed a regular-season game the rest of his life. Witten caught 1,228 pass for 13,046 yards, and 74 touchdowns during his NFL career. He caught only 13 passes for 69 yards in Dallas and only two touchdowns in Las Vegas.

Witten expects the Cowboys to perform well in the postseason. They will need to be able to compete against a loaded NFC playoff field. The Cowboys finish as the third seed in the NFC, behind the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dallas will take on the San Francisco 49ers at home in the wildcard round.

The Cowboys cruised to the NFC East title this season. With a record of 9-8, the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the playoffs as wildcard team. Dallas won five of its six final games, which gave the team some momentum going into the playoffs.

The Cowboys improved to 11-4 after losing consecutive weeks 11 and 12. They won four consecutive wins to get there. After losing to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, the Cowboys won against Philadelphia in Week 17.

Dallas scored 50 points in its last three games. It beat Washington 56-14, and the Eagles 51-25. Dak Prescott, the Quarterback, is performing at a high level right this moment. He just finished a record-setting 2020 season. Any chance of making it to the Super Bowl is dependent on how San Francisco defends itself with its strong rush attack.

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