Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy pokes fun at narrative on Dak Prescott

Saturday night’s regular-season finale was historic for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott’s 37th touchdown pass broke the Cowboys single-season record. In the win, he also threw five touchdown passes for his career. Mike McCarthy, Cowboys’ head coach, poked fun at Prescott’s storyline for some of the season.

“I just think it was a heck of a year for a guy who was in a slump,” McCarthy said. “Joke. I think he’s special. He’s a special man. …Hopefully he’ll get some recognition for how he plays the game.”

Prescott threw for 4,449 yard with 37 touchdowns, ten interceptions and a completion rate of 68.8 per cent during the regular season. He also scored a touchdown while rushing. Prescott also missed the middle game of the season.

The Cowboys defeated the Eagles by a score of 51 to 26 on Saturday. The Cowboys scored 50 points for the second consecutive game. Dallas finished the regular season at 12-5 and went into Sunday’s games with the chance of earning the No. The NFC’s 2nd seed.

Prescott was injured and missed the game against the Vikings at the beginning of the year. He didn’t look the same for the next few weeks. McCarthy stated that Prescott wasn’t in a slump after Washington beat the Cowboys 27-20.

“I don’t think Dak is in a slump,” McCarthy said. “He’s healthy. A little sore. Took a few hits in the game, but I would say he’s healthy.”

McCarthy did not want to suggest that Prescott was in a slump but Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, said that Prescott likely was.

“I don’t want to say (it’s a) slump, but that’s probably fair,” Jones said of Prescott. “It’s such a multifaceted evaluation. I would say that our offense is definitely away from where we were 5-6 weeks ago. … Yes, he is (healthy). He’ll figure it out.”

Prescott finished the regular season with a bang, regardless of whether he was in slump. Prescott was a great quarterback for the Cowboys, throwing for 851 yards and 12 touchdowns in his final three games. He also had zero interceptions. He is now looking to continue that momentum into the playoffs regardless of who he plays against.

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