Former NFL official weighs in on overturned Cowboys fumble recovery

It could’ve been the play of the day. Instead, it was overturned on the field — and former NFL official Terry McAulay voiced his disagreement on Twitter.

It occurred in the first quarter at the Dallas Cowboys vs. Las Vegas Raiders match. Cowboys safety Keanu Nal kept it from going out-of-bounds and tossed it to another defender. The officials discussed whether Raiders tight-end Darren Waller had completed the catch.

They ruled that he did not, so possession was retained by Las Vegas. McAulay is also Sunday Night Football’s rules expert and thought that the call should have remained a fumble.

McAulay tweeted, “This appears to have been another example of using Replay Assist for changing the ruling on field when it’s not clear and evident that the ruling was wrong.” “The receiver takes control from 2 feet down and then turns upfield. This was the first ruling on the field.

It was one of the best heads-up fumble recovery you’ll ever witness. It was, however, ruled incomplete.

Jourdan Lewis, Dallas Cowboys cornerback, appeared to make a fumble on a catch made by Las Vegas Raiders tight-end Darren Waller. Safety Keanu Neal made a great play and knocked it back in bounds to give the Cowboys possession.

We thought so. Officials deemed it an incomplete catch and gave the Raiders possession.

It was not a major no-call. It was a 7-6 Las Vegas lead, as the Raiders failed to score on that drive. Las Vegas took a 7-0 lead with a touchdown pass of 56 yards from Derek Carr to DeSean Jack.

Dallas responded when Dak Prescott found Sean McKeon, a tight end, for a touchdown. Greg Zuerlein was unable to score the extra point that would have kept the Raiders ahead 7-6.

Just before the end the first quarter, Las Vegas scored to increase its lead to 14-6. Josh Jacobs ran it in for the touchdown run of one yard.

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