Former All-Pro wide receiver expressed interest in joining the Cowboys

It’s football season and All-Pro wide receiver  cannot stay out of the spotlight. The former All-Pro wideout wants to join the Dallas Cowboys in 2022 NFL season.

Brown stated, “Tell Jerry Jones that you should call me!” In a video obtained from TMZ.

Brown was last seen in uniform the day before. He took it off in the middle Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ game against the New York Jets. Then he walked around the sidelines. The Bucs’ brass would have to intervene and both parties would be free to walk away after the game.

Brown caught 42 passes last season for 545 yards, four touchdowns and seven points. This is a far cry from his previous self which saw him accumulate six 1,000+ yard receiving seasons between 2013-2018. Brown left the Steelers to make a stop in New England, where he caught a pass for 545 yards and four touchdowns. He then settled down in Tampa for the last two seasons.

Brown, who was jokingly admitting that he wanted to buy a franchise, has been contemplating his retirement from the NFL.

Brown stated that there were a few teams in the NFL interested in Brown’s services after his meltdown with his Buccaneers team. This includes the Cowboys. It will be difficult to determine if Dallas is willing to handle the antics of Brown. Brown, when healthy, has shown glimpses of his former self. However, his off-the field antics seem to be something that is almost unavoidable. This is what likely keeps the Cowboys away from signing Brown.

Brown’s departure from Tampa and all the other things he has done in the past few seasons will make any NFL team question whether or not it is worth it. Brown could be the right choice, even though the Cowboys lost former top receiver Amari cooper.

With CeeDee lamb poised to replace Cooper’s WR1 spot and the season set to start in less than a month’s time, Brown’s arrival may prove to be more of a publicity stunt than it is for the benefit of the wider receiving corps.

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