Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy reveals unusual motivation tactic

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coach, revealed a unique tactic he used in motivating players before Sunday’s 43-3 demolition by the Atlanta Falcons .

McCarthy stated Monday that “it’s a powder” from The Star, Cowboys’ headquarters. “We made a point. It looked great on a PowerPoint. You’ve probably seen a can Monkey Butt before.

“It’s expressive of the cure.”

The Cowboys were furious, embarrassed, and disappointed in their loss of 30-16 to the Denver Broncos . They hovered around 30-0 at the end of the fourth quarter. Then, they were motivated. McCarthy took advantage of this theme and renamed last week’s preparation “RAW,” or Red Ass Week. The anti-friction powder’s red-rear monkey, which is used to combat itching, redness and soreness that can be associated with chafing, was the mascot. McCarthy presented the can’s picture to the team using a PowerPoint. He then passed around a can in the locker room.

Powdered calamine is a better antidote to a butt-kicking.

McCarthy stated, “I highly recommend it,” if anyone has not used it. I don’t want my personnel hygiene to be discussed here but “RAW,” Red Ass Week was the topic. The emphasis was on rectifying what happened last week. It was a fantastic effort by our players. It was great fun.

“Another way of focusing.”

The Cowboys did not confirm that their Nov. 7 loss to the Broncos was an act of arrogance. However, several members of the Cowboys’ organization, including quarterback Dak Prescott acknowledged that the team may have succumbed to overconfidence following a six-game winning streak in hostile stadiums. The streak included victories in overtime, without Prescott and wins in hostile road stadiums.

The Cowboys offense was unable to find their rhythm against the Broncos and their defense did not have enough physicality. The Cowboys rebounded strongly against Atlanta. They scored touchdowns on five of their trips to the red zone, while Atlanta was held to 1-of-11 on the third down. Even special teams were able to block a punt and score a touchdown. Halftime saw the Falcons trailing by 33 points. They would not score again.

In true Monkey Butt spirit the statement win reduced friction after the loss.

McCarthy stated that football is a game about the mind and emotions, especially at this time of year. You’re always focused on the same thing in your business every week. However, I believe the truth of being redundant and trying repeatedly to emphasize the same thing over and over is the reality.

“You must keep it fresh.”

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