Dak Prescott Has Send Strong Message For Cowboys Front Office About Zack Martin

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will be without his top offensive player for the start to training camp.

Zack Martin, an offensive guard who is all-pro, missed the final three days of training because he was seeking a pay raise.

Prescott was asked about Martin’s situation at the training camp on Thursday. He replied “Pay the man.”

Martin’s contract with the Cowboys has two more years left. Martin’s current contract will pay him $13.5 million in this season.

Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys’ head coach, didn’t respond as strongly to Martin’s case as Prescott had done. However he did offer his own insight.

“My father always told me, and I think it’s true, you never talk about another man’s money, and most importantly, never talk about your own,” McCarthy said. “It’s business, and Zack needs to focus on that. We all respect that.”

Martin’s presence on the field makes the Cowboys a much better team. Eight times during his career, the former Notre Dame football star has been named All-Pro.

In the next few days, we’ll find out if Martin can come to an agreement with the Cowboys.

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