Dak Prescott addresses offseason change to body, adjustment to diet

The Dallas media was curious about Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coach,’s comments that Dak Prescott appears “leaner” than he thought.

Prescott stated, “It’s just aproduct, weight’s still the same, it is just a result of working on all aspects and not just my leg.” Although I can’t claim that my diet is any different from last year, it’s certainly different than what I ate in college. It hasn’t changed much from last year. I just trained differently and did more rotational activities that helped to lose the baby fat. “Metabolism changes.”

Cowboys quarterback Prescott has been informed by the Cowboys that he will be more involved in the RPO and run game in 2022. Prescott said that Prescott’s flexibility and leanness have not led to more speed.

Prescott joked that “I’m faster, but I’m less lean,”

Prescott was very happy with his overall health and the improvements he made since last offseason.

Prescott stated, “I feel great.” Prescott said, “Not being limited, being able do every drill, everything. It matters.” It is important.

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, addressed the health of his star quarterback this week at mini-camp. He noted that Dak Prescott is “clearly” healthier than last year.

McCarthy stated that “It’s huge.” It’s been enormous for him, and it’s been hugely important for everyone. Every little thing that we do, especially the meetings, walkthroughs, and all that stuff – they are important. It’s amazing that he has no limits. You can see this in his movement this year. His body is clearly different from last year. He is leaner and more flexible.

Cowboys are thrilled to have a more flexible and lean Dak. They hope he will be able to play a greater role in the RPO and run game in 2022.

Prescott ran for more than 270+ yards in his first three NFL seasons. He also had six rushing touchdowns each. His lowest average yards per rush was 3.0 in 2021 with a total 146 yards and one score. He also had nine fumbles. He also had seven rush first downs, which was the lowest number in his career.

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