CeeDee Lamb reacts to Dak Prescott’s request that their lockers be side-by-side

As the wide receiver transitions to the top position, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will see more off CeeDee lamb. Prescott will also have some face-to–face time with Lamb, who now sits next to him in the locker room at the quarterback’s request.

Lamb answered a question about his locker and said that there’s nothing better than sitting next to his quarterback. Lamb believes that communication between them has been improved since they don’t have to go far to find each other.

“Honestly, as a plus,” Lamb said. “What’s better than being by QB1? Just building that foundation. Honestly, I feel like me and him kind of want to be in this together for the long haul. So, just going in day in and day out. Any conversation we have at practice, it’s easier to talk to him since he’s right there. My neighbor. I feel like it’s a great move, I wasn’t expecting that either but a lot of things come unexpected.”

Lamb was positive about Prescott’s locker mate when he was asked. They seem to enjoy being close on a daily basis.

Lamb smiled and said, “He’s neat,” “You know what? We take care of our locker room.” It is a sign that you respect boundaries.

Prescott and Lamb have been close friends on the field, catching over 2,000 yards in a span of two years. The former Oklahoma Sooner wide receiver was quickly becoming one of the NFL’s best pass catchers, even in a Dallas defense that was already stacked.

The offense became one of the most dynamic in the league when Amari cooper was traded from Raiders to Dallas during 2018. Even though he is no longer with the team, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will continue to produce the same level of production. Lamb is an major part of the plan.

Lamb stated that Cooper’s performances were immediately “raised” after he left and that he knew there was more work ahead.

Lamb said that it was “Honestly, kinda, in a certain, it raised the standards.” “I hold myself to an extremely high standard, but at the moment there is nothing you can do except keep going. This is the energy I have.”

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