Cowboys’ star Ezekiel Elliott drops truth bomb on pressure facing Dak Prescott in playoffs

In the first round of the NFL Playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys will take on the San Francisco 49ers. As both teams try to win the Super Bowl, it should be a thrilling game. Ezekiel Elliott hopes to play a significant role in the postseason, but recognizes the challenges teammate Dak Prescott has as a quarterback.

Jon Machota says Elliott gives a reason why Prescott is feeling the pressure. Since long time, the Cowboys have not made a meaningful playoff run. Dak Prescott offers them an opportunity to make a big difference in the future of the franchise.

The most important position in football is the quarterback. They must be able to read every play and understand the actions of each player. Dak Prescott is under immense pressure as the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback.

We will see how the Cowboys perform in the first week of the NFL Playoffs. Dallas faces the 49ers , who have terrible pass coverage. Prescott has been broadcasting it all year, so San Francisco will likely struggle.

Prescott is feeling the pressure. High performance is expected from the Cowboys. Although Dak Prescott has shown high performance throughout his career, Dallas has not won a Super Bowl without him as the center.

You should catch the Cowboys-49ers matchup as Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott attempt to lead Dallas through Wildcard Weekend.

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