Cowboys Reveal The Preseason Plan For Dak Prescott

On Wednesday, Dak Prescott was unable to train with the Dallas Cowboys due to a shoulder injury. Prescott, the star quarterback, is currently dealing with a shoulder problem after he suffered a terrible compound fracture and dislocated foot last fall.

Dallas’ franchise quarterback had to be examined by an MRI after they left practice. The MRI revealed a strain. Although it’s good news for the Cowboys, the issue is not more serious. However, they want to be safe with the season approaching.

“I felt soreness today when I made certain throws, but I decided to not push the limits. It’s better to be careful and cautious. This is not a serious setback for me. It will be treated on a daily basis and I’ll be fine,” Prescott stated Wednesday.

Stephen Jones, the team vice president, discussed the issue with his quarterback today. He is downplaying the issue and said that the Cowboys would “be cautious, but we have not concerns”.

After a disappointing 2020 season, the Dallas Cowboys have high expectations for this season. The Cowboys defense suffered a loss of points even though Prescott had posted record numbers to begin the year.

They ended the year in 3rd place in the NFC East. This was as bad as any full division in recent history.

Prescott completed just five games and threw for 1,856 yards with 68 percent of his passes, nine touchdowns, four interceptions, and only 564 yards. Prescott averaged 371.2 yards per match, which is well above the league leader Patrick Mahomes’s 361 yards for the entire season.

The Cowboys have one of the most deadly offenses in the NFL, according to theory. We’ll find out if Dak Prescott is able to stay healthy and live up to the hype.

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