Cowboys Reporter Floats Potential Trade Ahead Of Season

Dallas Cowboys reporter spotted a potential trade candidate before the 2022 season even began.

A reporter suggested Tuesday afternoon that defensive lineman Trysten Hill could be traded before the season begins.

“Don’t be surprised that the Cowboys will use Trysten Hill as trade bait at the beginning of the season,” Clarence Hill Jr. said. Clarence Hill Jr, Cowboys reporter for the Cowboys said that he is enjoying a great camp.

Hill was a Cowboys second-round selection in 2019, but hasn’t been able have much success on the field. In 2020, he was injured in an ACL tear that ended his season.

Hill was unable to play in the majority of the 2021 season due to injury, so he returned to a limited role. Hill, a former UCF star, has played in just 18 games in his three first seasons in Dallas. He also only made five starts.

Hill would be a natural choice for the Cowboys trade market, given their depth at the defensive line.

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