Cowboys QB Dak Prescott speaks out on where he wants to finish his NFL career

Dak Prescott already knows where he wants to retire.


Granted, that is hopefully a very long time away. However, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback opened up about where he is wanting to finish his career.


According to his comments on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Prescott wants to be a Cowboy for life.


“I’m very optimistic,” Prescott said. “That’s business, and there’s all kinds of avenues in business of why it might not get worked out. I’m very confident that I’ll be a Cowboy, and as I’ve said before, I plan to be a Cowboy for the rest of my career. So there’s no worries when it goes into that. There’s no thoughts that I allow to distract me. This is the place to be. As I talk about the team and how exciting this offense can be with the new coaching staff, how great this defense is going to be, and this team, in general. This is the place to be, and I’m excited to be a Cowboy more importantly.”


It’s a great way to think if you are Prescott, but that goal is very up in the air. Prescott is currently playing on the franchise tag after the two sides couldn’t come up with a long-term contract extension.


Prescott is entering his fifth year and could command a salary of $40 million. Given the massive $500 million extensions from Patrick Mahomes and four-year, $160 million deal from Deshaun Watson, Prescott is going to be asking for big bucks.


Prescott will not command the Mahomes-like salary, but the set market could impact the ongoing negotiations.


Only time will tell if Prescott is truly going to be a Cowboy forever.

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