Cowboys QB Dak Prescott fires stern message to doubters ahead of 2022 NFL season

Although the Dallas Cowboys are the most beloved team in America, they’re also one the most loved punching bags for sports fans. Their lack of success in postseason play is a major reason for this. For example, Dallas was unable to win the NFC Wild Card Game last season because of a questionable late clock decision.

Although the hate may be amusing to their detractors Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is using it as motivation. Prescott spoke to reporters and delivered a clear message to his detractors. Here’s what Prescott had to say. (via ProFootballTalk)

“Where we are right now, it’s all excitement. It is. It’s truly a privilege to be the quarterback of this team (Cowboys), to be a leader of these guys, offense, defense, this coaching staff that we have. And yeah, especially with everything being said about us — you know what I mean? — the lack of what we have. Keep writing. Keep talking. We’re ready to go play.”

The Cowboys enter the 2022 season with a chip in their shoulders and key losses. For the Cowboys, the 2021 Wild Card Game defeat is still a significant loss. They also lost key players on both sides of the ball, including star wide receiver Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys must still be considered for the NFC East title. The most important thing is what happens after the regular season. Can they conquer their playoff demons to make it back home to the promised land again?

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