Colin Cowherd Has A Blunt Message For Dak Prescott Today

Colin Cowherd spent Monday’s first segment blasting Dak Prescott, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Prescott was criticized for his performance on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Trailing 23-17, Prescott ran a quarterback draw with limited time remaining and without a timeout. After running for a large gain, Prescott attempted to spike and stop the clock. The Cowboys offense and Prescott were unable to stop the clock in this horrible sequence.

Cowherd ripped the franchise quarterback for the play on Monday afternoon.

“You’re paying Dak $40 million a year. I wanna see big boy throws,” Cowherd said. “Tom Brady would not have done a quarterback draw. Tonight, Matt Stafford wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Mahomes wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Peyton Manning wouldn’t do a quarterback draw. Now Josh Allen could. He’d probably outrun everybody for a touchdown. Dak is not Josh Allen.

“… I’m paying you $40 million a year not to run. I’m paying you that kind of money not even to win against the NFC East. It’s a crappy division. I’m paying you to make big boy throws in crisis. I’m not paying you to do a quarterback draw and go down to the last two seconds.”

The whole sequence was a complete disaster. Dak Prescott is not the only one to blame.

Kellen Moore is the one who dialed in the initial quarterback draw. Mike McCarthy apparently approved it and gave the green light.

Cowherd also discussed the play call and why it was such a horrible decision.

“This whole first segment I just wanna talk Cowboys,” Cowherd said. “I want to start with the play, the quarterback draw. I would not have called that. Apparently Kellen Moore called it and then Mike McCarthy, he was on headsets, he was good with it. But there are four reasons, with no timeouts left and limited time, why I wouldn’t have called it.

“One, the sidelines are your friend. The middle of the field’s your enemy with no timeouts left. It’s quicksand, stay away. No. 2, middle of the field quarterback draw, big heavy defensive lineman lays on you you’re slower to get up. No. 3, the Cowboys were having success with the strength of their team, wide receiver, throwing to the sideline.

“… It was working perfectly. No. 4, Nick Bosa was out, right? So that meant Dak was going to have a little nicer pocket and the weakness of the Niners is corners. And the strength of the Cowboys, even with Michael Gallup hurt, is their weapons. Play to your strengths.

Prescott and the Cowboys will be thinking about it for a while.

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