Colin Cowherd blasts Cowboys chances of making a Super Bowl

Every year, it seems the Dallas Cowboys have all the hype in the world.


That is the precise reason why FS1’s Colin Cowherd can’t take the Cowboys seriously as we enter the 2020 season. For most, some believe the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender, but that is not the belief on “The Herd.”


Cowherd compared the Cowboys to the “typical summer blockbuster film that gets a lot of attention and buildup: during one of his segments. Cowherd added that it may get a lot of press, but doesn’t end up as a movie that earns any awards.


“In February, when they ask ‘and the winner is’ and ‘the Super Bowl trophy goes to’, we don’t take that blockbuster movie and the Cowboys seriously,” he added.


The Cowboys have spent some money on Gerald McCoy, who was released after a season ending injury, and Dontari Poe. Then, the team locked up Amari Cooper and franchise-tagged Dak Prescott. As of this week, the team is a contender for All-Pro safety Earl Thomas.


However, this isn’t the first time the Cowboys have been set up to win a Super Bowl, only to go 8-8 in the season.


That’s all Cowherd is trying to say.

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