Colin Cowherd Addresses Cowboys’ Super Bowl Chances

With their victory over the New York Giants the Dallas Cowboys moved up to 10-4, putting them at the edge of their first NFC East championship since 2018. What does Colin Cowherd think of their Super Bowl chances

Cowherd stated Monday in The Herd that although the Cowboys may not look like a Super Bowl contender right now, it doesn’t mean they have to play well in their final regular-season games to win the title. Cowherd cited the four Super Bowl winners who were all in trouble in December.

Cowherd explained that the Cowboys could lose the top seed against the other teams they are playing in the playoffs. Cowherd believes that the Cowboys could win the playoffs with a conservative offense, and a solid defense.

“Arizona reeling. Cowherd stated that Tom Brady and the Saints just got shutout. The Rams have been fantastic the last few weeks, but can be hot or cold. “A conservative offense…running the ball, defense wins many games. It may not appear that way… December is a tough month for defense.

Over the last three weeks, the Cowboys seem to have taken their foot off of the gas pedal. They have won three consecutive games without going over 400 yards in offense. In their first eleven games, they ran for over 400 yards eight times.

The defense has been amazing, especially when it comes to getting takeaways. In each of the three previous games, Dallas’ defense had four takeaways.

If it plays well in January, this type of defense could win a championship.

Are you in agreement with Colin Cowherd regarding the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances


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