Amari Cooper Has Honest Admission About Cowboys’ Offensive Struggles

We’ve seen lately that the Dallas Cowboys have relied on their defense to win games. This is unusual for how this franchise has been doing things lately.

Dak Prescott, Quarterback, has not performed up to his standards in recent times, and the defense is winning the ongoing contest between the Dallas offense, and defense. The Cowboys currently sit at 10-4 and could still finish with the No. They must figure out their offense.

Amari Cooper, a wide receiver, has only nine receptions for 100 yard in the three games this month. He was interviewed by 105.3 The Fan about the Dallas offensive struggles.

“I got to be honest, it actually does [bother me]. Because, yeah, we’re winning, but the defense is playing a huge part in that,” Cooper said. “We’re not really as explosive as we should be. We’re not converting a lot of their turnovers into touchdowns. A lot of them are field goals. And I feel like I could be a huge part of that, so that’s what frustrates me.

“I think I can do more in the red zone if I get some targets. I can do more on third down if I get the targets. To help the offense be what we need to be, I think I can definitely help change that.”

Cooper expressed his frustration at the offensive performance and his desire to have more opportunities.

The Cowboys averaged 460.8 yards per game and 34.2 points per game through the first six games. These numbers dropped to 351.7 yards, and 25.1 points in the six remaining games.

Dallas will be looking to turn the tide against Washington Football Team on Sunday.

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