Amari Cooper comments on Cowboys departure, new beginning with Browns

Amari cooper broke his silence about his departure from the Cowboys. The former Alabama star wide receiver was traded to the Cleveland Browns by Dallas to help them clear money off their books.

Cooper didn’t expect to be traded but he said there are no hard feelings between him and  the Cowboys.

“I wouldn’t say I just wanted to leave, but at the same time, it’s never personal. It’s just business and that’s part of the business of being in this league,” Cooper told reporters Wednesday, via USA Today. “Things like that happen all the time, players get cut, players get traded.

“There is no player left in the league that was there 30 years ago. All good things must come to an end. I’m excited about the new chapter and embrace it. “I look forward to the future.”

Cooper was originally acquired by Dallas via trade from the Oakland Raiders. Cooper was playing for the Raiders back when Cooper had a coach that helped him see the value of the trade market.

“It’s not like back in the day. I had a coach when I was in Oakland who played wide receiver for 10 years, Rob Moore, he got traded. He didn’t even know about it because there was no social media. So guys were interviewing him and asking him questions and that’s how he found out,” Cooper said. “But it’s always something looming when you’re about to get traded or something like that, so you kind of know. So I wasn’t really surprised at all.”

Cooper clearly understands the business side of the NFL. Cooper, a former Crimson Tide star, was happy in Dallas but is ready to start his new life in Cleveland.

“My friends called me immediately. When I woke up, I saw so many text messages. “Man, you’re lucky,” Cooper replied. “Some of my former colleagues. “Some of my former teammates.

“I was happy. “I was happy.

Dallas thought Amari Cooper was worthless during his time with Cowboys. However, Dallas felt he was expendable due to their incredible talent at wide receivers. Both sides have reached an agreement and Cooper is eager to join the Browns.

“Obviously when you come into a new environment, it feels like getting drafted all over again or feels like the first day of summer workouts in college,” Cooper said. “I’ve been in this situation before. It’s cool getting to know new people, being in a new environment, getting to explore a different part of the country that I’ve never been to.”

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