5 key players the Dallas Cowboys might lose this off-season

It is great to have a team that is competitive in sports, but it is difficult to keep the team on top for a long time. Every season, some players leave the team in free agency. It could be too costly, a replacement is available, or the player may not be the right fit.

The Dallas Cowboys is one of the NFL’s most prestigious teams. Their offense continues to produce numbers and their defense has improved from being one of the worst in the NFL to one that is second best. There is a possibility that some of their key players may wear a different jersey for the start of the 2022 season.

Everybody has underestimated wide receiver Michael Gallup, even though he’s been a major contributor each season. The 2021 season of his rookie contract is over, so the Colorado State product may be playing elsewhere next year.

Gallup wasn’t the wideout of choice, even in his rookie season when the Cowboys traded Amari Cooper for star wideout Amari. He was still a deadly vertical threat, however.

He could be one of the best complimentary wide receivers in the world right now. Although Gallup may not be the most versatile wideout in the league, he excels at what it is he does.

Quarterback Dak Prescott is a favorite downfield target. However, this season he averages only 11.9 yards per catch. He has still contributed since his calf injury.


Gallup has been called upon to make underneath throws more often that he used to, but it has worked in his favor. He now catches 4.29 passes per week, which is second to his 1,000-yard 2019 season.

He is still available for sideline catch support. His ability to tap his toes is both entertaining and allows the offense to move downfield in the fourth and fifth quarters.

Spotrac has estimated Michael Gallup’s market value at $11.7 million per year. This would rank him 22nd among wide receivers with the highest salaries in the NFL.

He is entitled to WR2 money and that’s what he will receive. Gallup can be re-signed on a 2-year contract if Jerry Jones wants his offense’s dominance to continue. Gallup cannot stay with the team after CeeDee Lamb’s contract expires in three years.


Fielding strong offensive linemen is a key part of running a successful game. Few people can run faster than left guard Connor Williams.

Williams started his college career as an offensive tackle with the Texas Longhorns. He was quickly converted to a guard and has never looked back. He was injured in both of his first two seasons and was forced to sit out this season due to injury.

Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott, running backs, have always been comfortable running to the left knowing that Williams will clear the path. Linebackers will look like high school students when you see their brute force at six feet and five inches.

This season, he has made significant improvements in his pass coverage. He is ranked 17th among all NFL offensive linemen for , allowing pressures only 2.48 percent of his pass-blocking snaps . This is all while he allows only one sack, four tackles for a loss in yards.

Williams has been a problem with penalties, and he was benched for this season. He is tied for second in NFL with 13 penalties. Williams’ overall PFF player rating of 70.6 places him 18th among offensive line guards.

Williams was quickly appreciated by the Cowboys, who benched him. Because Connor McGovern took Williams’ place, and the pass protection crumbled.

Jones might have his hands tied for this off-season. Williams might not be able to be included in the budget. However, it could be even more difficult to replace him. Williams’ estimated value is $10.2million for a four-year contract. This ranks him 10th among NFL guards, and is slightly less than what the Cowboys pay right tackle La’el Collins.

The best case scenario would be for Connor McGovern or a pro-ready player to fall to Dallas in round one of the draft. Prescott could be in worse shape next season if neither of these things happen.

It’s an amazing feeling to find a gem in the rough. Dallas’ fourth-round selection in 2018, Dalton Schultz, is an example of this.

In 2019, Jason Witten, a future Hall of Famer, gave him the opportunity to learn from him. For the tight end, his first two seasons were disappointing with only 13 catches for 122 yards. There were no touchdowns.

Dalton was expected to be the backup in 2020. However, Blake Jarwin tore the ACL in the Week 1 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Blake Bell was the only competitor at tight end, but he is well-known for being a blocker.

In a season full of injuries, he finished the season with 63 receptions for 615 yards and five touchdowns. This includes four different quarterbacks. It’s not an easy task, especially for someone with little experience.

The Stanford product made another leap forward this season. Schultz’s 2020 stats were eclipsed in just two games. There are still three games. This is partly due to a more steady offense.

Prescott has made Schultz his favorite safety net. His ability to catch the ball and make plays is not to be underestimated. This allows check-downs turn into first downs.

His blocker work is not extraordinary, but it is still good. He can play the role of lead blocker and also work in space. Jeremy Sprinkle is the best choice for a team that needs a solid blocker.

Schultz is a top tight-end in the NFL, right behind Travis Kelce, Darren Waller and George Kittle. He is a tier-2 tight end who can also play the role of a receiver. He is a flexible player and could be in line to receive a large payday. Spotrac values him at $12.3 million per year . This would be seventh in the NFL.

Blake Jarwin will be leaving Cowboys with two years on his four-year contract. The Cowboys must decide what to do about him. Jones could choose to keep them both, but it would make more sense financially to have one.

Talk about a player who is truly a breakthrough. This off-season Dallas added four new safety players, with Jayron KEARSE receiving the most attention. He has easily outperformed all other safetys on the team this year.

Talk about a player who is truly a breakthrough. This off-season Dallas added four new safety players, with Jayron KEARSE receiving the most attention. He has easily outperformed all other safetys on the team this year.

Safeties aren’t known for bringing in big paychecks (unless you are Jamal Adams). It may not be difficult to get a substantial raise to keep Kearse.

After a decent performance with the Los Angeles Chargers, Rayshawn Jenkins was offered a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars for $8.75 million. Kearse could easily get a contract with a similar term and number. This is a significant raise over his current contract. However, it’s not unfair to say that he doesn’t merit it. In his first chance to start, the big-framed safety was a force to reckon with.

Dallas is likely to ignore the late bloomer just like they do the safety position. History has shown me this. We were all surprised by the many moves that were made to improve the situation this off-season.

The Jones family is likely to invest in Kearse’s underrated position. This is the player to watch in this off-season, as it’s not clear if he will be returning. It is not clear if he will leave.

Everybody loves the story about a person who overcomes difficulties and becomes a better person. He was an excellent player on the field but had many off-field problems that limited his ability to play. Randy Gregory, Cowboys edge rusher, may be leaving the Cowboys.

The 2015 second-rounder has been a popular name in the media. His impressive on-field performance may have been a factor, as well as his disappointing off-field news. The Nebraska native has not played an entire season, and he missed 63 games because of suspensions or injuries. While many teams might have abandoned the player with the issues, the Cowboys believed that he would be able to pull it off.

Gregory was suspended for six games last season. Since then, Gregory has not been disciplined. Gregory was able to display his dominance on the field because of this.

Gregory had 6.0 sacks in nine games and 15 touchdowns. Although his run play could be improved, Gregory’s dominance as a pass rusher is a great asset to the team. He averages less than three pressures per game with 26 on the year. This means that quarterbacks routinely try to avoid the speed rusher.

His performance this season earned him an alternative Pro Bowl nomination. This would be his first Pro Bowl selection. Gregory will be able to see more of the next seasons if he plays at the same level as you see.

Dallas is grateful for DeMarcus Lawrence , the star defensive player and the important contributions of the interior defensive line. These blocks allow Gregory to dominate single blocks, which can often cause play disruptions. Gregory is able to handle his own help regardless of how much it may cost him. This allows Micah Parsons, a rookie, to play all over the defense. It opens up the defensive playbook and the group will perform better as a whole.

The resurgent defender’s efficient play will likely result in a payday on the open market. He can expect to make around $10 million per year as an edge rusher and would be just outside of the top 40 highest-paid edge rushers each year.

Gregory may not be able to be included in the Cowboys’ budget due to their financial situation. This will be a major loss for a team which had finally found a strong defensive line.

If you don’t have Tom Brady as your quarterback, it can be difficult for highly competitive teams keep their group together. As key players leave in free agency, we will have to keep an eye on them. Let’s all hope Jones drafts another great player to fill the gaps that will appear.

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