Will Tony Romo Unretire and Sign With Cowboys After Dak Prescott Injury ?

It’s time to put down the Tony Romo returning to Cowboys talk


How about the hottest of hot takes?


Tony Romo should come out of retirement and throw for the Dallas Cowboys.


Yep. That’s a real conversation that Cowboys fans are having. Rob Gronkowski, Jason Witten, and others have come out of retirement in their later years.


Of course there are a lot of variables in the way. Romo hasn’t played since New Year’s Day in 2017, which makes the layoff three seasons. He is also paid very well by CBS to call football games.


Did we mention that he is 40 years old?


This is a ridiculous thought and it’s only being talked about because the Cowboys have Andy Dalton as the next in line QB.


Dalton helped muscle the Cowboys to a 37-34 win over the Giants. Despite not scoring any touchdowns, he helped set up two critical field goals as he finished with 111 yards passing and a QBR of 108.7.


However, despite Dalton’s veteran success, there are some who doubt his ability to lead this team into contention.


In 2019, Dalton completed just 59.5% of his passes in a year where he finished with 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He was 2-11 as a starter in his final year.

Dalton is 32 years old and a three-time Pro Bowler. He was throwing to only Tyler Boyd and had no AJ Green. He literally had nothing on offense. Let’s stop pretending that Dalton is Cooper Rush because the team could be in way worse shape.

Tony Romo, if you are reading this. Please stay in the broadcast booth. You are terrific and the Cowboys will be just fine without you.


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