Will Randy Gregory return to the Dallas Cowboys this season?

Why is Randy Gregory’s reinstatement taking so long?


Will we see Randy Gregory suit up for the Cowboys this season?


Signing veteran defensive end Everson Griffen and bringing in Dontari Poe were nice additions to the Cowboys defense. Aldon Smith hasn’t played since 2015 but appears to be an uplifting story.


With all these new faces bringing light to the defensive front, one has to wonder about the current players on the roster. More specifically, we are talking about Gregory, who recently followed for reinstatement.


Gregory hasn’t played in the NFL since 2018 and has been waiting to hear about his reinstatement for five months. Officially, Gregory submitted his reinstatement file on March 22nd, nine days after Smith did his.


Smith received his response just two months after, while we still sit in the dark about his teammate.


Since that time, we have had a pandemic, but according to CBS Sports, Gregory has done everything he has been asked to do. That includes therapy sessions, staying in shape, and passing all mandated tests.


From what it looks like, the former second-round pick should be allowed to return to play. While the Cowboys do not necessarily need Gregory to suit up right now, having him on the team would be like signing an additional free agent at zero cost.


With a new CBA in place and Smith being allowed to play, it’s only a matter of time until Gregory is approved.


The question looming is: when?

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