WATCH: Prescott, Lamb connect for TD as Cowboys stretch early lead

Cowboys’ offense is buzzing and pulling out wrinkles. Dallas had 03 personnel on the drive. There were no backs and all three tight ends were in. WR CeeDee lamb was in the backfield. Dallas moved into the Bears’ deep end using short, quick passes.

The club finally ran Lamb, but only for very little yardage. Rookie Malik Davis carried the ball and did not get anything. This set up third-and-9 from the Bears 21-yard line. QB Dak Prescott glanced in the direction Lamb for the first time this afternoon. Prescott then fired a strike into Lamb’s hands.

Prescott is a great player in the beginning, completing 10 of 11 passes for 108 yards. As the Cowboys lead 14-0, Prescott currently has a passer rating of 137.9.

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