WATCH: Micah Parsons flagged for controversial roughing the passer call

Recently, the NFL officials have been in the news for making questionable roughing-the passer calls. It doesn’t seem like things are getting better in Week 8. Referees flagged Micah Parsons, a star pass-rusher, for a hit on Jared Goff in Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys home game against the Detroit Lions.

Parsons almost arrives at Goff as soon as the quarterback releases his ball. Even though Parsons’ helmet touches Goff’s chin almost immediately, the linebacker nearly stops the tackle. Although the Lions quarterback ended up on his backside.

Detroit got 15 yards for the penalty, but the Cowboys were unable to score a touchdown during the eight-play drive. With a few minutes left before the half, the Cowboys led by one field goal.

The Cowboys are looking to bounce back from last weekend’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. They will be welcoming Dak Prescott to their starting lineup. The Lions defense has been sloppy throughout 2022, so Prescott from Mississippi State is returning to the starting lineup at an ideal time.

The NFC East has been the NFC Beast so far. Although the Cowboys are 4-2 on the season, they still sit in third place behind the 5-1 New York Giants and undefeated Eagles. They know that wins are crucial and will be striving for big ones on Sunday.

Prescott is back but Dallas is missing some other contributors.

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